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Thinking Outside the Home: Plumbing Solutions for the Outdoors

Think about plumbing and the majority of us will imagine essential household functions such as toilets, showers and laundries. While quality plumbing indoors is absolutely essential to protect your most valuable asset, outdoor plumbing has many benefits that can give you the lifestyle you desire. Here, we’ll give you a little inspiration to step outside the home and consider outdoor plumbing solutions that will transform your outdoor spaces for the better.


This may sound simple and obvious, but outdoor taps are essential for anyone with a backyard or front garden. More than just ensuring you have one, it’s important to consider the placement and number of taps you’ll require for your needs. For houses with a large front yard as well as a sizeable backyard, clever placement will make all the difference to ensure watering and cleaning can be completed without creating an obstacle course of hoses.


When it comes to practical living, you can never underestimate the benefits of a good outdoor sink. There are a number of reasons to consider one, with endless designs and placement solutions to fit your needs. One of the biggest benefits is the possibility of cleaning and washing without dragging mess indoors to the laundry, this is great for:

  • gardeners who need to regularly wash tools, gloves or hands
  • pet owners for toys, bowls or bath time
  • individuals with messy jobs or hobbies, such as artists or mechanics

The design, size and placement of your outdoor sink can be adapted to suit your needs. Larger freestanding sinks are available for cleaning larger items. Smaller basins for handwashing can be placed near rear entry points of the home or even in sheds that have been transformed into workshops.


Keeping in line with easy washing, some homeowners may opt for an outdoor shower in combination with the above options. Outdoor showers are particularly great for homes in coastal areas as family members can give themselves a rinse off after a trip to the beach. It may also be great for pool owners to rinse off chlorine from swimsuits and hair between swims on a hot day.

Outdoor kitchens

Apart from practical cleaning reasons, outdoor plumbing can boost your ability for outdoor entertainment. Outdoor kitchens can instantly provide more liveable space and make summer gatherings that much more special. Outdoor kitchens can be as simple or complex as you like and may include a drop in sink with a benchtop and cabinets, or choose to go all out with the addition of a cooking option too. Outdoor kitchens mean food preparation and cooking can all be done outside where the action is, meaning the chef can still be a part of the occasion and reduce time spent running in between the indoor and outdoor areas.

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