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Signs You Need a Plumber at Your Home

Attending plumbing issues quickly is not only more cost-effective, it can reduce the disruption to your home or lifestyle. While plumbers are often called for emergency work or installations, they also offer a range of services that can prevent larger issues from occurring in the first place.

To help you proactively protect your property, we’ve listed some common signs your home is in need of a plumber.

Changes to walls or ceilings

A number of visible signs can appear in walls or ceilings if a problem has been left unattended for a while. While the presence of mould could simply be a ventilation issue, excess amounts may mean there’s an underlying problem such as a leak.

Paint on walls and ceiling may start to bubble, peel and crack, or you may notice wet spots or brown stains where water has been left for long periods. All these signs indicate a leak that will need some investigation from a plumber to repair.

Hefty bills

Sudden increases in bills that can’t be explained through any significant lifestyle changes could indicate that there’s a plumbing issue that needs attention. Small hidden leaks can quickly turn into costly issues, as they won’t just impact your regular bills but can damage areas of your home and will need to be repaired.

What’s that smell?

While the occasion bad smell might not be something to worry about, persistent odours from drains and toilets can indicate an issue with your plumbing. A main sewer line can become clogged and when this happens the smells linger in the pipes and enter your home. As well as being unpleasant, it can turn into a larger job if not address quickly and decrease the value of your property.

Pressure changes

If you notice a sudden reduction in water pressure this could be a sign you need a plumber to investigate. Some causes won’t require work, such as shared pipelines impacting apartments, other may need immediate action. Your pipes may have a leak, they may be clogged or even corroded. If the low pressure is only appearing from certain taps, it may actually be your fixtures that need replacing.

Slow to drain

Kitchen and bathroom sinks are prone to clogs with food and soap build-up blocking the pipes. While smaller clogs can usually be freed yourself, larger blockages should only be tackled by a professional. If you find your drains are persistently emptying slowly, it’s time to get a plumber in to take a look. When all drains are being impacted, it could indicate a blocked sewer line, which needs fast action.

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